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GI Tech Inc. established itself in 1990s as the best company of super-precision in accessory processing field through constant technology development, seeking continuous customers’ satisfaction and production facility expansion.

As the technology of Slot die and Slit nozzle are main products are already world’s leading class, world-class companies which are in part of display, special film and lithium secondary battery, have been adopting our products.

Apart from the main products which are Slot Die and Slit Nozzle, we enhance development capability of high-precision dispensing pump and super-mold magnesium in new material. Moreover, as a specialized component company develop the best products to lead the market.

Under the management policy “Manufacturing and Quality is the same.” we devote enterprise-wide effort to provide the best products with the best quality, optimal deadlines and fair prices. In addition, we promise that we will realize customer satisfaction based on the quality of products and technology of constant quality improvement, R&D in the highest level.
We will continue to make every effort so we do a quick response to customer requests.

The best service company that does not stop gazing towards the customers, Specialized company that does not stop thinking, and Future company that does not stop performing

The GI Tech Inc. of the Republic of Korea

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FAX : +82 (041) 543-2316
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Company Name : GI TECH President : InYoung Lee Business License No. : 312-86-39116
42, Asanbaelli-ro 387beon-gil, Dunpo-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, 31408, Rep. of KOREA
TEL : +82 (041) 543-1316  FAX : +82 (041) 543-2316
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